Steven Lash San Diego thoughts on CoronaVirus

Today, I am going to share some of my thoughts on Covid-19 virus, As you all know this deadly virus is spreading all over the world very rapidly. In the world 3 million people are suffering from this virus and more than 100k people are already dead because of this. The most affected country in the world is USA where almost one million people are suffering and around 50k people are dead, so as American it’s my responsibility to help my country in whatever way. We can help the poor people by feeding food to them in your near streets as well donate some money online to the organisation who are working towards country and also donate some money to Gov to fight against this corona virus.

I request people of United States to help as many people around you. My name is Steven lash San Diego, I’m feeding many people in my area who can’t afford food and other necessary things of daily life, I hope everything in the world will be fine soon and all people stay safe and healthy everywhere they are.