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Steven Lash

Steven Lash has lived in San Diego for most of his professional career. He has significant success in advising business on growth strategies, as well as validating their strategic plans and go-to –market strategies. He has experience in virtually all major sectors of healthcare services including hospitals, medical groups, information technology, services, financing, mergers and acquisitions and regulatory matters. He is currently performing Business development and corporate development work in the fast growing digital health space.

Steven Lash your own health care advisor

Steven Lash has a significant wealth of experience and can provide your company with outstanding consulting services. He is focused on corporate and business development, mergers and acquisitions and has performed over $2 billion of transactions as well as taken 2 companies public. He has been working with providers for over 20 years and can be very helpful in designing distribution channel growth strategies. If you have an interest in discussing a particular area of need please complete the contact information on the website.

Steven Lash Health Care Strategic Advisor

If your physicians or organization needs support or help navigating the world of CPC+ or MACRA, Steven Lash has extensive experience in developing strategies and tactics to not only ensure compliance but also to support the operational impact of these new rules.

Care Plan Oversight (CPO) and Chronic Care Management (CCM) By Steven Lash

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There are a couple of similarities as well as a couple of differences between Chronic Care Management (CCM) and Care Plan Oversight (CPO). Medicare only pays for CPO for beneficiaries who are receiving Medicare home health or Medicare hospice. CPO is similar to CCM because it requires tracking on task for non-face-to-face services, so a […]

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Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) Questions and Answers by Steven Lash

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CPC+ is a mutli-payer model.  It will only be offered in regions where Medicaid and private payers have offered to participate along with Medicare. 1.Which payers will be involved? This will vary from region to region.  We will know who is involved in each region as soon as the payer bid cycle is concluded (those […]

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Steven Lash on Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative

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Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+) is a national advanced primary care medical home model that will include two primary care practice tracks with incrementally advanced care delivery requirements and payment options.  CPC+ is a five-year model that will begin in January 2017.  Practices choosing to participate in CPC+ cannot participate in CCM or an ACO […]

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